Charity Application Information

Georgia State Charitable Contributions Program

2019-2020 Online Application Process

The following documents and/or information will be needed to complete the online application process.  You will not be able to proceed without these essential documents.  It is recommended that you gather these documents and/or information prior to starting your application.

GASCCP Checklist:

  A list of applicant’s Officers and Board of Directors, including the business or home address of each
  A copy of the applicant’s written policy on non-discrimination
  A copy of applicant’s fundraising registration with the Georgia Secretary of State (Federations must also submit current registrations for each of their member charities), unless you or your member agencies are exempt.  If exempt, a letter of exemption signed by your Executive Director of President, if applicant is not required by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, O.C.G.A. 43-17-5 to register with the Georgia Secretary of State.  The link to the SOS’s website is
  A list of the names of each county served by the applicant, the services provided in each county and the number of clients receiving each type of service in the county for 2017 or 2018
  Percentage of total expenses allocated/spent for fundraising and management/general costs as reflected in the financial statements and include the year.  If more than 25%, an explanation will be needed
  If a Federation, a member listing is needed with the following information for each in a Microsoft Excel format

  1. Charity name
  2. Charity phone number
  3. Charity Email address
  4. Charity website
  5. Percentage of total expenses allocated/spent for management/general and fundraising costs
  6. Description of charity
  7. State if charity is a religious organization.  If religious organization state if you have a distinct and separate budget
  8. Charity license number with the Secretary of State
  9. Expiration date of charity license number
  A copy of the applicant’s most recent completed IRS Form 990 (no more than two years old, which shows revenues and expenses for services provided to Georgia residents on an explicitly isolated basis
  A copy of the applicant’s last financial statement accompanied by the independent certified public accountant on review report if revenue was > $500,000. If revenue was < $500,000, the last financial statement is needed. The financial statement does not have to be reviewed or certified
  A copy of the applicant’s current and proposed budgets
  A copy of the applicants IRS notification letter for Federal Tax-exempt status (under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code)
  Application must be signed by an Authorizing Official