Coordinator FAQs

Can employees give offline?
Due to the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), employees are encouraged to submit their 2022-2023 donations via the Online Giving Portal. In the event the online donation process is not feasible for the employee, there is a paper pledge form located in the Coordinator Toolkit (select from Coordinator Resources drop down menu). 

Can part-time employees pledge?
If an employee is on the state-wide distribution (SWD) plan and receives a paycheck twice a month, they’ll be processed just like a regular employee so there’s no issue with pledging. For hourly employees, if they want to make a pledge, we recommend directing them to make a one-time donation on the website for credit card/e-check or by paper pledge for check/cash.

• When is the last day to submit paper pledges?
Although it is our hope that employee donations will be submitted via the Online Giving Portal no later than the November 16th campaign end date, we will accept a paper payroll pledge through December 3rd. We start processing payroll files in mid-December, so it’s very important to receive those in a timely manner. Fundraising event forms and funds must be reconciled with the agency/entity Finance representative and submitted not later than December 16th to be processed for the current campaign.

Can contractors contribute or participate?
The purpose of the GASCCP campaign is to raise money but also to contribute to a sense of community. If you have contractors working alongside regular employees, we do not have a policy for which they must be excluded from participating in fundraising events (like, buying a hot dog). If they want to contribute directly, they can do a one-time pledge by filling out the Funds Management form, write CONTRACTOR in the ID box, check the CHECK or CASH box with the total amount and write in the charity in the designation section. We welcome contractors! However, if they are federal employees, they may need to donate through the CFC campaign. They can also make a pledge through the website and select one-time donation of either credit card or PayPal.

• Can I hold events after November 16, 2022?
No. The last day to host a fundraising event is November 16, 2022. Further, it is recommended that to all events be conducted virtually. 

• When do payroll deductions start?
The campaign takes place September 16, 2022 through November 16, 2022 and the first payroll deduction will begin in January 2023. Deductions are taken through December 31st and do not carry over from year-to-year.

• Can new employees pledge online?
Yes. Online pledging is recommended. Employees can create an account and pledge regardless of how long they’ve been working.

• What happens if an employee leaves the agency before January when their payroll deduction would start?
There is no attempt to collect by the charity. The payroll deduction is simply rendered invalid. If the person switches agencies and they are on the same payroll (like between different PeopleSoft payroll state agencies) then the deduction will remain intact. If they switch to a different entity, like to the University System, then it won’t carry over and that pledge will remain uncollected for the remainder of the year.

• When do payments start/are made to a charity?
Payments happen quarterly starting in April. Then July, October, December/January. Payments happen after payroll deductions are collected from the state agencies/colleges.

• Can I send in fundraising money after December 31st?
For the 2022-2023 campaign, it is recommended that all fundraising be conducted virtually. However, late fundraising event documentation can continue to be submitted until January 15th. The Funds Management and Accounts Receivable forms must be reviewed and reconciled with the agency/entity Finance representation. Campaign numbers are finalized in early spring, so we can still count that as part of your organization total. However, please let us know if you have money to submit in January so we can make sure it gets included.

• When is my fundraising money viewable on the giving portal?
Please allow 7-10 days for your fundraising money to show under your agency totals. This is due to it being processed by the bank then logged into our system. This process is managed by our fiduciary partner America’s Charities.

• I have an employee that made a duplicate pledge. What do I do?
Send an email to and we will have the duplicate pledge removed. Even if any employee doesn’t notify us of a duplicate, we run reports to identify potential duplicates at the end of the campaign and reconcile those before anything is processed.

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